UNNSA (Purple)

Registered Kennel Club name: UBHALO UNNSA

Gender: Female

Born: 03/11/17 @ 14:16 (4 of 5)

Birth Weight: 330 g

Distinguishing puppy features: Lightest n littlest; dark face and bottom; double dews on back legs; a double and a single on the front legs; right ear back, left ear forward

Personality: Really easygoing; likes to snuggle; gets on well with others; nicknamed Puckle as she gets whizzed about by mum. AKA Doodles for undisclosed reasons ;)

Current weight: 20kg as of Nov 2019


Continues to be very sociable - almost daily visits to see Toby, a large labrador who lives in Carberry’s Cafe nearby. Plays with Crumble, Holly, Peggy, Sascha, Elvis, Maverick and Goose, Max and any other doggy who wants to run, jump, dodge and weave etc. A consummate expert at the ‘play-bow’.

Quietly tussles often with more vocal Mum, snatching and sharing Hippo, Squirrel, Bumble, Ted and Hat.

Loves her food, especially small bits of Rob’s cheesy croissants, but is a slower eater than Mum so has to shield her bowl until she’s ready to see what Mum’s left (if any).

Likes to curl up in the armchair next to the kitchen, just in case there’s food going spare ;)

Often photobombs tourists’ pics and videos, Norwich promotional events and film sets.



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