Sephie and Seve’s first litter born 31 October 2015 comprises 6 pups - 4 boys and 2 girls

Click the links below to see each pups’ individual page or scroll to see pics and videos of the pups together along with details of their socialisation and notable events during their time with us.

Thirsty pups

Fun with mum

Mission: Unchewable 2

Cuddly pups

Puppy tug o’ war

Paperchase puppies

New born pups

New born pups 2


January 2016

1/1/16: Blue, Green & Silver each came and spent time with us around the house today.

3/1/16: Green went on a long walk around the block carried and coddled in a shawl.

4/1/16: Silver’s turn for the big carry around town.

6/1/16: Lots of fun let loose in the kitchen today with playpen panels changed to door gates

7/1/16: Carried on walk around the city centre; weather not great

8/1/16: Congratulations to Silver for having a wonderful new home and family! He has a big adventure about to start and we are very happy to welcome his new owners to our Catalan collective :)

11/1/16: Yummy warm milk tonight. Really good SIT training pups - they love the Wainwright’s Turkey & Rice Puppy Treats!

12/1/16: School friends home to play :-) Well done Dexter for toilet training in the garden x

13/1/16: Time in the garden playing with Sephie; well done for toilet training Green! PAW training a little slow but SIT is great.

14/1/16: Cardboard frenzy with grocery deliveries then had baths and pampering and it snowed! Can’t wait for 2nd vaccines on Saturday.

16/1/16: 2nd vaccines at the vet this morning all went smoothly with no fuss comme toujours! Took advantage of the big scales to weigh pups: all good healthy sizes of 7.5-8.5kg! Green bathed and had visitors during the afternoon and was whisked off at teatime with his wonderful new owners to Sutton Coldfield. It is difficult for us because we don’t get the chance to grow accustomed to the move from first visit to collection. His family hope to move to Port Isaac in the summer so he’ll love his new life in Cornwall. We miss you already, Green! :(

17/1/16: News from Romy: his puppy socialisation classes are going well with lots of bounce and he is a leggy 8.5kg now! And Green is now to be known as “Buddy” to which he is already responding. He sounds very loved already and quite at home, meeting lots of extended family :-). Don’t forget to look at your Checklists and register your puppy. We are putting some recommended product details up under the CARE section, such as the teabag paper, teething gel & anti-chew spray, Halo collars…


December 2015

2/12/15: Listened to four minutes of Spooky Sounds CD and watched some of Mr Forbush & the Penguins.

3/12/15: Out of pen exploring with Blue.

4/12/15: Spent five minutes carried at garden door watching birds and sky. Slept in cardboard tunnel and nibbled at chew when awoke.

4/12/15-6/12/15: Second worming treatment at five weeks

5/12/15: Visitors

5/12/15: Very good taking Panacur (worming treatment)!

10/12/15: First trip in the papoose helping with the recycling and met an elderly neighbour, John.

11/12/15: First time with chicken added to dry meal. Visitor today.

12/12/15: Good teeth cleaning. Played with Visitors today.

13/12/15: First short trip in the car (in the crate with siblings) to the Song School at the Cathedral. First taste of white fish added to dry meal.

14/12/15: Proper shampoo wash and teeth brushing. A little nervous.

15/12/15: First taste of tripe with dry meal.

16/12/15: First time listening/watching CBeebies!

17/12/15: First time outside in the garden in the playpen. Enjoyed playing with cardboard boxes today.

19/12/15: Visited the vet for a full health check! Very well-behaved; all impressed. First vaccines administered (Nobivac DHP and Lepto4) and Back Home microchip inserted. Vet signed off health certificate. Vaccine Record and Microchip Certificate originated.  

20/12/15: Registered onto Petlog database under Breeder.

21/12/15: Otis visited nearby Balfour & Moffat shop today; owner was in tears with delight! He then met two more human friends on the way back and some dogs.

24/12/15: BVA Eye Test at Animal Health Trust Small Animal Centre (Newmarket).  Litter certificate completed. Well done for amazing behaviour again – all impressed!

25/12/15: Christmas Day! We have a swinging Santa above our playpen! Lovely treats today .  Luna visited several neighbours and had a nice carried walk.

26/12/15 – 28/12/15:  Third worming treatment with Panacur.

28/12/15:  Otis went home with his new family today! We will miss you, Otis ☹

29/12/15: Today Luna and Romy went to their new homes! We will miss you both :(

30/12/15: The house feels empty today even with three puppies still here! Thank you for the lovely photos.

31/12/15: Happy New Year everyone! Fireworks went off tonight and the puppies did not blink :)


November 2015

09/11/15: First nail clipping

13/11/15 – 15/11/15: First worming treatment at 2 wks

15/11/15: Eyes open

16/11/15: Lots of play with Orange

17/11/15: Carried out on patio to watch sky.

19/11/15: Real effort to walk. Affectionate.

20/11/15: Bottom molar has broken through gum

22/11/15: Upper teeth coming through

23/11/15: Upholstery fabric and more toys introduced.

24/11/15: Quite nonchalant about full emergency service response units outside our house including fire engines, ambulance, police cars. First time in playpen in the kitchen. First taste of Puppy Mousse.

27/11/15: First proper meal with mum from big puppy bowl. Playing with the green-white rope ball and the orange flashing ball. In the cardboard tunnel.

29/11/15: Visitors during day and evening.

30/11/15: Had some teething gel. First quick brush. Ate well. Different textures in pen and different background sounds.

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